The New Normal of Home Buying

Purchasing a home currently must be not the same as it used to be. Since individuals will consistently need to move, we as Realtors have needed to adjust. There are approaches to buy a home  nowadays of social distancing and a pandemic. Innovative and service are what we offer to our clients - we pay attention to this. 

We will surely protect you!

Things start the same as they always have. You still choose a Realtor however you’ll want one who has a social distancing standard practice. Next you talk to a lender unless you’re paying cash. You don’t have to physically ever meet with a home lender.

After you know what price range you want to stay within, it’s time to go shopping online. Always search for homes on a Realtor’s site if you’re a serious buyer. At this point accuracy makes a big difference. Because there are sites that inflate results of available properties, you’ll want to stear clear of them.

The reason to search a Realtor’s site is because companies like Zillow and Trulia are in the “lead selling business.” They sell leads from available and pending sale properties to Realtors so they don’t remove homes until the sale is final. About 1/3 of the homes on their sites are not for sale anymore. While they might be first with search engines, if you’re looking to move shortly, you’re wasting time by looking at their listings.

If you are looking for Summerlin Homes for Sale in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, contact us at 702-750-7599 or just use our website, www.HomesForSale.Vegas and save your favorites in a private box. After researching by reading information sheets, viewing videos and floor plans, select as few homes as possible to investigate further.


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